Detailing Pricing & Packages

Interior Detail

- Full Interior Detail

- All Plastics & Trims Cleaned

- Steam Clean Upholstery

- Clean & Condition Leather

- Shampoo Seats & Carpet

- Windows & Mirrors Cleaned

>  $175

Standard Detail

- Full Interior Detail

- All plastics & Trims Cleaned

- Steam Clean Upholstrey

- Clean & Condition Leather

- Shampoo Seats & Carpet

- Windows & Mirrors Cleaned

- Thorough Exterior Clean

- Hot High Pressure Wash

- Bug and Tar Removal

- Engine Bay Cleaned 

- Wheels Detailed

> $250

Full Detail

- Full Interior Detail

- All plastics & Trims Cleaned

- Steam Clean Upholstrey

- Clean & Condition Leather

- Shampoo Seats & Carpet

- Windows & Mirrors Cleaned

- Thorough Exterior Clean

- Hot High Pressure Wash

- Bug and Tar Removal

- Engine Bay Cleaned

- Wheels Detailed

- Headlight Restoration

- Stone Chips Touched Up

- Door Handle Scratches Removed

- Scratches Removed up to 4 Panels

- Hand wax to enhance paintwork

(full machine polish at additional cost)

> $350


D A Y  H I R E 

Have a special vehicle, multiple vehicles or a big job?. Take advantage of our day hire package and we can work on your pride and joy for the day to give it all the attention it deserves!.                                                                                                                        $550



Machine Polishing Pricing & Packages

We can restore scratched, faded or damaged paint work to a clear slick mirror like finish!.


Performing a complex process using specific compounds and polishes we remove microns of paint from the surface polishing down to the depth of the scratch or  imperfection to permanently remove it.


The machine polishing process is broken down into the three different levels. The time required to correct your paintwork is reflected in the pricing below. All services are finished in a wax but a ceramic coating is available at additional cost.


Single Stage


For vehicles just needing a light machine polish to enhance the paintwork and add gloss.


Two Stage


For vehicles showing moderate scratches and swirls.

We can greatly reduce these types of defects by cutting then machine polishing the paintwork.



Multi Stage


For enthusiasts & those wanting their car's paint to look it's best!.

We will need your car for up to two days as we remove as much swirling, scratches and defects as safely possible by machine polishing the paintwork using the best products and equipment available.

Outstanding show quality results!.

                                                                                            $70ph / $550 per day*

The Pre Polishing Process


1-  Snow Foam Pre Soak Vehicle  - Loosens grime and dirt.

2-  High Pressure HOT Water Rinse  - Blast's away grime and dirt.

3-  Wash Vehicle Exterior  - Remove's What the above does not.

4-  Remove Tar  - White spirits used.

5-  Chemical Decontamination  - Remove's ferrous metal particles in or on the paint.

6-  Claybar Process  - Removes overspray and anything else left behind

7-  Wash and Dry Vehicle  - Final rinse and dry

8-  Assess Paint Condition  - Checking for scratches, swirls and other defects.

What is a Claybar & What does it do?

Normal washing alone will not remove everything from the surface of the paintwork. A claybar is a soft putty like product that is used in the palm of the hand. The claybar process will take off everything left behind after washing and make the paintwork feel smooth again before polishing and waxing can start.


 OPTI-COAT    Vehicle Protection

Opti-Coat Ceramic Coating - Ultimate Paint Protection


Opti-Coat is a hard wearing, ceramic clear coat for superior resistance to scratching (9H), and surface protection from chemical etching due to environmental impacts.

Opti-Coat has better chemical resistance, scratch and mar resistance, and release properties than any automotive paint coating in use. It provides permanent protection for all modern factory paints.



The CSIRO has rated Opti-Coat as #1

The CSIRO is Australia’s leader of scientific discovery and the research they conduct is highly respected around the world.   After many tests in the lab, Opti-Coat has been given the thumbs up and has been rated a 9H product which is the highest possible rating.  Opti-Coat is definitely the best product on the market and the CSIRO backs it up.  Ask us for a copy of the report if you are interested!

The majority of paint protections that are offered through dealerships and other services only last a year or two, if lucky! They break down and deteriorate due to UV rays and paint contamination unlike the Opti-Coat coating. It is permanent and does not break down.


✅ Ceramic clear coat with superior resistance to scratching (9H) hardness
✅ Chemically binds to clear coat forming a new clear layer 
✅ Highly hydrophobic (water repelling)
✅ Anti water spotting and resistant to bird/bat droppings
✅ Chemical resistance/thermal resistance
✅ High gloss glass like finish
✅ Easier to wash and maintain 
✅ CSIRO Certified 
✅ Lifetime warranty 


Why choose Opti-Coat PRO+?

We understand that there are so many different kinds of “Paint Protection” on the market today, which makes it incredibly confusing to know what your vehicle needs. After intense research and testing, Opti-Coat PRO+ has proven itself to us as being the strongest and most durable coating created.


Other brands claim to be chemically resistant but have no evidence or support to prove their theory. With an incredibly large online presence through Google, Facebook etc, the product completely speaks for itself & we welcome you to do your own research, compare the facts and you will see for yourself that Opti-Coat is the Ultimate Protective Coating





Opti-Coat PRO+ sets itself apart from rival coatings in more ways than one!

It’s one of few that is engineered and manufactured in USA, not Taiwan or China. Over the 10 years it has been on the market, it continually evolves with technology, always staying a cut above the others.

This dual layered coating has been tested in Australia by the CSIRO, an independent research facility.

Their report shows that it’s completely resistant to hydrochloric acid, ethanol and other chemicals.



Dual Layer OPTI-COAT PRO+ Permanent Coating with an automatic 7 year Warranty. Life Time Warranty is offered if the vehicle undergoes an annual inspection and service.


Exterior Only Brand New vehicles: $880

( Used vehicles require an extra day to complete. + $550 )



 Even most NEW cars will come with these defects in the paintwork that need to be removed prior to application, this is the first step in ensuring a perfect base for Opti-Coat to bond and for the ultimate finish in the end.


You will find this very first step isn't even in the dealerships paint protection packages.. not that they have the trained and qualified detailers to perform such a procedure in the first place..


- We will need access to water, power and a suitable working area -




Specialist Interior Cleaning

Toyota Landcruiser - HILUX - 4wd - SUV - Filthy Interior's

We can return filthy, 4wd and People Mover interiors back to very good condition. Generally these types of jobs take around 3.5hours or in extreme cases like flood damage 1 to 2 days is required to strip and refit the interior. Pricing is calculated at $70ph

> Most 4wd's / Truck / SUV's > Interior $250*